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Join us in The Sewing Factory on 11 Lwr Camden Street, Thursday 7th June! There’ll be a few light bites for your festival figure, a few free drinks for enhanced festival spirits and music that will have you wishing your life away until the end of July. Five gorgeous acts to set the stage for this year at the 2018 Launch…

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We’re taking the KnockanStockan 2018 Festival  Launch to Dublin’s historic Market Quarter on Camden Street to announce the remaining acts in our 140 strong line-up on July 7th! Considering we host one of the most fabulous parties of the year, we think it’s extremely safe for you to assume that our Launch will be absolutely stunning with splendid vibes only..! Have a read about the music you’ll enjoy on the night!

The Scratch (Dublin/Cork)

We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again, The Scratch sound has been fittingly described as a ‘pint of Guinness to the ears’ with tunes that you will figuratively neck several of at our lovely launch. Powerful, great craic, trad and metal’s lovechild. Check out their EP released in January ‘Old Songs’ HERE


Why-Axis (Dublin)

A dissonant jazzy sound that hangs always at the very edge of the beat, Why Axis is an artist with a very different sound that definitely is but almost isn’t hip-hop. Flurried intricacies around slick beats leave you hanging on every word of Why-Axis’ lyrical charm. Listen HERE


Tribal Dance (Dublin)

There’s something extremely world musicy about this punk math rock trio, a stylistic combination that you might think would sound terrible yet Tribal Dance hit that riskay place between pleasure and pain and we like it…very much. Ladies and gentlemen, a math rock band we can not only dance to but we can’t not dance to. Listen HERE

Ailie Blunnie (Leitrim)

Both extremely pleasant and extraordinarily dark, this music could only be described as eerie pop! Ailie Blunnie has a remarkable way of playing with silence and minimalistic loops that create beautiful textures that morph in and out of completely different styles. Her voice is innocent and sweet, her music is thrillingly sinister. Listen HERE

Sim Simma DJs 

Get ready to dance! Sim Simma DJs bring a brand new sound of Irish music, fusing together different styles of music across Africa, South America and the Caribbean. They’ll be rocking the launch in DJ form while the Sim Simma Soundsystem  experience will be coming to the festival with a full-blown carnival on stage featuring professional dancers, hypemen, and special guest MCs. KnockanStockan will be the first performance of the full Sim Simma Soundsystem experience!

Roll on June 7th, roll on July 28th & 29th!

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