Muthering Heights: New Area

New Area : : Muthering Heights !

Debuting at this year’s Knockanstockan, Muthering Heights is the place to BE YOU! A flamboyantly fun, eccentric craic emporium where all dreamers and soul searchers are invited to come and express themselves.  Get pampered, chill, dance, dress up and meet some fabulous friendly faces. The world of Muthering Heights embodies self-love, individuality, expression, interaction, disco, colour, and everything that shines.
We host an array of treatments for our guests, from festival hair, body glitter, face painting, body painting, grooming and more, all along with KnockanStockan coffee and KnockanStockan merchandise. Come find the Muthering Heights ‘costume camp’ for those who may be in need of an entire costume change or perhaps just a little extra sparkle!
Not forgetting our DJs, twerkshops and tutorials, rest assured we have answered all your festival prayers.
Come get you’re glam on, dance, be flat out fabulous, be gas, be safe and don’t forget to be yourself!
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