Woven Skull



Woven Skull began playing together in 2008 in the empty sparse Irish countryside in a house owned by two of the members and located at the foot of Sheemore. These atmospheric surroundings helped to forge their music, which has been described as ‘minimal, repetitive, distorted, ugly and beautiful in one’. The trio spent several years experimenting with combinations of instrumentation, household objects, kitchen utensils, seashells, footsteps, chimes, recordings of cats purring and frogs mating while developing a sound that after a recent set was described as ‘a Turkish Velvet Underground.’

“Woven Skull are a whole other world entirely. In fact it’s quite hard to imagine when they wouldn’t be. Last time I saw them was in a rural barn and they still seemed to come from somewhere closer to the earth, deep in a cave or off a mountain side.  Sat in a row behind their curtains of hair they truly seem to work magic, conjuring a storm of sound from a minimal set up. ” -Hickeysonic