Steve’s story began when he was delivered kicking and screaming into a family of musicians and music lovers. Despite a strong musical heritage and a family full of very talented people, Steve was involved in a plethora of rubbish school garage bands. By some wondrous act of God (or some would claim, the antichrist…) he managed to scrape himself off the streets of Limerick and form the hugely acclaimed and successful giveamanakick, a band who knew no limits when it came to noise pollution and general audio slaughter-fests. Steve however led a double life and involved himself in many side projects including scoring a hugely successful theatre show by award winning writer Mike Finn.

The windings story began in 2005, when Steve released the self titled debut album on Out On A Limb Records, to a multitude of positive reviews from music media and fans alike and invitations to perform at many festivals including Electric Picnic. Three years later, long time collaborator and friend Liam Marley became a fully fledged member of the band, bringing his dynamic multi-instrumentalism and song-writing skills to the table. Liam’s influence was instantaneous and the windings sound began to evolve, just as Steve had hoped it would. 2009 saw the arrival of a further three winders – Aaron Mulhall  taking on drum duties and Patrick O’ Brien and Mike Gavin on guitars/bass/keyboards/glockenspiels/kitchen sinks.

So what’ve they been up to since then? Well, They’ve mostly been honing (yes, “honing) their live show, which depending on the night you catch them, could be stripped down acoustic melancholia, or beefed up distorted electric rock from hell (kind of). Over the past few years, windings have had the pleasure of playing with the likes of Daniel Johnston, Smog/Bill Callahan, Bob Mould, Okkervil River, Caribou, Iron And Wine, Villagers, Teenage Fanclub, and Modest Mouse, amongst others.

The new album is now in the bag (produced by Tommy McLaughlin – Villagers/Cathy Davey, and Noel Hogan – The Cranberries) and was released in October 2010. The lead single has however been dubbed Brain Fluid and was released on Out On A Limb in April of this year. The songs on the new album explode around your ears like a thousand packages of fizzy sherber’ dip back your throat, coaxing you with sweet lullabies, before thrashing you against the sound barrier, bringing you from pure cosy pop to dirty almost-metal in a delicious 10 track nosebag of sound.


Steve Ryan
Liam Marley
Patrick O Brien
Mike Gavin
Brian Meaney