Old souls, sell outs & a pint of stout to the ears

30 acts released, over 100 more to go! Our music team are completely blown away by the new music they hear every day. Here’s a few from our lineup so far that we know you’ll love as much as we do.

The final date for submissions is April 4th. Keep em’ coming!


Kojaque (Dublin)

Kojaque, a producer and rapper from Dublin, is a master of downbeat, with poetic, resonant and relevant lyrics delivered always by impeccable flow. Kojaque brings everything from chilled out jazzy, late night lounging hip-hop to super slick, hard and heavy ahead of the curve beats. He’s currently touring his new album ‘Deli Daydreams,’ but as he said earlier in the week: ‘I’m a sell out’ – his Button Factory gig SOLD OUT fast! Listen HERE


The Scratch (Dublin/Cork)

The Scratch sound has been fittingly described as a ‘pint of Guinness to the ears’ with tunes that you will figuratively neck several of at KS2018.  From Dublin and Cork, The Scratch have created a thing of beauty, a definite Irish sound with a metal song structure. Powerful, great craic, trad and metal’s lovechild. Check out their EP released in January ‘Old Songs’ HERE


ROE (Derry)

A multi-instrumentalist alternative pop star on the rise from Derry, ROE brings lush synths, catchy hooks, drum machines and her super cool  “grumpy electro pop” sound to KS2018! At 18 years old, ROE is an old musical soul with a very fresh sound. She just released her new single  ‘Wasted.Patient.Thinking’ and we promise this is a tune you will happily have stuck in your head! Listen HERE


Chancer (Dublin)

Having just released an absolutely stunning debut EP, Chancer are a relatively new yet remarkably tight musical force. They might be chancing their arm with their branding but certainly not with their tunes! It is indeed post/math/heavy rock, very melodic, particularity slick, angular, distinct and brilliant! Check out their EP ‘Chancer’ HERE


Bicurious (Dublin)

Another pair of sell outs, Dublin based duo Bicurious have been extremely busy since their SOLD OUT EP launch for ‘I’m so Confused.’ Their i sound could be described as heavy, obscenely catchy with definite math rock grooves over politically charged vocal loops. However, we feel the most fitting description is totally intoxicating, mosh-pit enticing, very tasty headbangery. Check this out HERE


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