Trumpets Of Jericho


Trumpets of Jericho (also known as ?TRUM-O-CHO?, or simply ?TOJ?) are a a Kraut-folk-tinged post-punk band from Cork, Ireland, formed in 2010. Originally composed of a bassist/vocalist, drummer and keyboardist, they soon added another keyboardist and later a new bassist, before eventually losing the original keyboardist and becoming a four-piece band. The group then finally decided to record their debut Songs Like an Alum Ut Its Nor Really in early 2012.

From the album?s second track – and formal start – Nothing To Get Up For (“a swirling aural nightmare of self-loathing, and debasement” – We Are Noise); through Paddy?s Revolt (a delicate lament written as an alternative national anthem for Ireland); past the four-and-a-half minute Krautrock-fused instrumental freak-out that is Puslaang; and up until the closing folk-waltz Never Leave You AloneSongs Like An Alum Ut Its Nor Really manages to excite and entrance in equal measure.