Tristan Carroll


Rathangan singer-songwriter, Tristan Carroll started playing guitar at the age of 11 and has become inseperable from the instrument ever since! His early influences leaned towards the heavier side of the musical spectrum, eventually tending more towards the mainstream, infused with a love for harmonies and improvisation that continues to this day.

Tristan played, and continues to play, electric guitar in numerous cover and original bands in the Kildare area, until discovering artists like Newton Faulkner, Michael Hedges, Andy McKee etc, who used the body of the acoustic guitar to create a whole new set of musical sounds, and deciding “that’s what I want to do!” It is this modern fngerstyle approach to guitar that forms the basis for many of Tristan’s songs, coupled with a fondness for music that grooves and an ear for melodic hooks.

Tristan’s debut EP, My Right Hand, is now available on itunes!


Tristan Carroll