The Jahm Band


The Jahm Band are a collection of musicians who play the kind of music you’ve always wanted to hear…
Based in a studio in the foothills of Knocklade, Ballycastle (a fairly unique place in itself – something to do with the gravity), in the middle of the beautiful Glens of Antrim, The Jahm Band just play great music.
Originally set up by Will Hawkins and Ciaran Laverty a few years ago, the Jahm Band is now made up of five fantastic musicians from around Northern Ireland.

They play a funk/jazz/rock fusion that explodes from the stage with incredible energy, taking their audience on a journey… and pretty much sucking them up onto the dancefloor.


Will Hawkins – Guitar
Ciaran Laverty – Drums
Nicholas Todd – Bass
Kris Malinski – Sax and Flute
Sara Dylan – Vocals
Damian Mills – Percussion
Chris Blackwell – Keys