The Gandhis


Almost three years ago, Irish band The Gandhis released their debut album, You Are My Friend. It was wrought from the twin engines of hard-nosed ambitions and creative frameworks that had been honed some years previously. Back then, the band (Conor Deasy, guitar/vocals; Aidan McKelvey, guitar/vocals; Niall Cullen, bass/vocals; Bazz O’Reilly, drums/vocals) had graduated from being a college band into something more serious.

Influences ranged from Doo-wop, Motown and Beach Boys to The Beatles and Captain Beefheart. Ambitions, meanwhile, were high yet grounded in music fandom and heritage. Now back with their second album which was shaped over a long weekend in a remote village in County Clare, during the biting winter chill of 2010/2011, ‘After Autumn’ leaps ahead of its predecessor by virtue of its subtle – and natural – change of musical direction. Assured, pastoral and sonically astute.



Niall Cullen – bass, vocals
Conor Deasy – guitar, vocals
Aidan McKelvey – guitar, vocals
Bazz O’ Reilly – drums, vocals