The Cujo Family


The Cujo Family have been on hiatus since 2011’s furious giging which saw them play countrywide in Ireland, travel to Brighton and London for a mini tour and spend a week banging round all five burroughs of New York city from the L train to the famed Rockwood Music Hall Manhattan.

Holing up in Bow Lane Studios Dublin, they have just finished recording their second album ‘Stories Of Ruin’ which is due for release this year.
The album is a walk through mini folk-epics, storming songs of revolt, debauchery and strange devotions. Working with producer Liam Mulvaney, they have created a cohesive piece of work that transcends the families rootsy beginnings.
For a taste of what is to come visit their bandcamp page and get a free download of first single ‘Paris The Hate in My Heart’.


Gav Cujo (Vocals, Guitar)
Willy Cujo (Vocals, Guitar, Banjo)
Reuben Cujo (Keepin the beat)
Big daddy Hook Cujo (Bass, Vocals)