Spirit Animal

Never mind what it is, where is it? Find it, bring it out, be its friend, nurture it, admire it and become it.

Woven intricately for months with great care and vision, Spirit Animal will be KnockanStockan’s newest stage set to amaze KS2018 fans first at this year’s festival. Spirit Animal will be the largest art installation the festival has seen and quite possibly the very grandest creation in art of its kind. Without giving too much away for the unveiling of this limitless woven beauty, Spirit Animal is a work of art that will intertwine you with everything you admire in yourself, presenting exceptional music in its monumental bosom.


Hand-crafted by Brazilian collective Espaço Libellula, the likes of this stage has never been seen before in Ireland. We cannot wait to watch KnockanStockan falling desperately in love with its boundless plumage.

Strut like your very best Spirit Animal at KnockanStockan 2018.