If Spines were an animal they’d be a feral cat, back arched, ready to defend its patch to the death. Ferocious and unbound they bring fire and fury to the subtle art of making a racket.

The band was born when three Dublin teenagers, Ciara Lindsey, Sinead O’Loughlin and Niamh Coker found themselves performing with different bands at the same show. Liking the look of each other and the idea of putting together an all female collective they bonded over a shared love of The Arctic Monkeys, Nirvana and cans. Deciding they wouldn’t get very far in their noise revolution without someone to hit the drums they trawled twitter in search of a female stick smith and T ara Gormley completed the lineup.

2015 was spent lugging gear in and out of basement venues and persuading attendant doormen that yes, they were on the bill, and not just trying to sneak in. It didn’t always work with one show seeing them yanked off stage two songs into their set and turfed out for being underage. There was also the small matter of their Leaving Cert which needed to be dispatched of in between rehearsals.

Spines take t heir musical cues from acts such as The White Stripes, The Kills, Savages and Dublin’s own Girl Band, and their spirit from 70’s heroes The Slits and The Runaways. They are instinctively drawn to b ands and artists who have forged their own individual path. These queens of noise are ready to make a statement and they’re just getting started.

“Punchy garage rock and punk swagger from the all­ girl Dublin four­piece with a fine line in edgy tunes which come with a big dollop of infectious riffs and hooks. Kick­ass tracks like “Bite Me” are proof that there’s something really interesting happening in this ‘hood.” -­ Jim Carroll, On The Record / T he Irish Times

“A fantastically ragged and feral noise­pop E.P. from one of the country’s most promising young acts. Spines’ self­titled E.P. bring all their frustrations and ferocity to the fore in a record that teems with noisy aggression.” – The Last Mixed Tape “