Skuzzi Port


Skuzzi Port was founded back in 2001, with two acoustic guitars helping to distract from the banality of school life, music being the only thing any of the skuzzi crew actually agreed was worth following! A band was duly put together and a lot of noise-making began…

Skuzzi’s first incarnation was a kind of rock/blues affair with elements of jazz and folk thrown into the mix, not really with any intent, but the influences drove the sound of the songs in strange directions. After a while of tinkering around and writing some songs Skuzzi started to take a keen interest in the equipment that had been amassed over the years. Our listening patterns had been well and truly turned on by the ever-progressing electro scene, and Skuzzi programmed it’s first beat.

Then as the band morphed into a more mature production unit the drums and the bass made way for drum machines and bass bins. But never forgetting our rockand roll roots, the tracks even if synth and midi heavy are always driven by guitar and vocal power.


Conan Wynne

Mark Connaughton

Conor Finn