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Expect the unexpected from our pop-up performances over the weekend. There’ll be something for everyone from circus acrobats to spoken word and everything in between. Keep your eyes peeled for updates!



Ragairí are a Celtic performance troupe who re-enact stories from Celtic mythology to a colourful backdrop of Forest Folk, Pagan Warriors, and Demonic Puppets. This year they are telling the story of the legendary Lord of the Mound, Cromm Crúaich – an evil and bloodthirsty deity who lived in ancient times under a hill. In Cavan.

Ragairí incorporate juggling, hoola hooping, blowing horns, drumming, storytelling, story-shouting, and epic dark-age combat in a breathtaking act that will transport you millennia into the past to Ancient Ireland.

Watch as the forces of Cromm Crúaich battle for dominance over the servants of Brigid, the goddess of nature. Only a hero can slay the demon – can the Forest Folk find one before it’s too late?

Candy Warhol and the Pop Tarts

candy worhol

Candy Warhol is The Princess Of Ireland and Queen of the club kids! This September will mark her sixth year performing around Ireland and the UK. Over the years Candy has won multiple awards, performed annually at Electric Picnic and Longitude Festival, opened for Sophie Ellis Bextor in London and recently shot her debut collection in Paris. This is her second year at Knockan Stockan and this time she will be joined by her Pop tArts – a gaggle of queens,burlesque beauties and club kids!

Huxley Horror

huxley horror

Huxley Horror invite you to attend the funerals of you and your loved ones in our antiquated mobile funeral parlour. Our Victorian-garbed grave tenders will guide you through the old-fangled observances with a collection of music and performance. We endeavour at all times to provide a fully immersive funeral service reminiscent of a bygone era.

Candlelit Tales


Candlelit Tales is a storytelling company born from the sibling duo Aron and Sorch Hegarty, and their ambition is to spread the wealth of wisdom, passion and play, which exists in Irish Mythology. This year Candlelit Tales have gathered a vibrant collective and combination of performers, dancers and musicians who’s complimentary additions bring these elements of mythology to life, through their expert forms of expression. Aron is actor, writer and director with a talent for telling stories to both young and old alike, so you can see him in the Family area and on stage for their new show “The dream of Eithlinn”.

LOQ Spoken Word


Organised by Andre K’por since 2012, the purpose of LOQ (short for loquacious) is to showcase spoken word, poetry & hip–hop in a diverse & collaborative manner across various media. This year featuring up-and-comer Kojaque, Irish hip-hop legend Costello, and poetry crews OutStraight and Fort Sessions. Not to be missed!

Suadela Bellydance


Suadela Bellydance is a 10 piece bellydance troupe from Cork. We perform a blend of Tribal Fusion and Improvisational Tribal Style. Our troupe was drawn together in 2011 from different backgrounds in bellydance and we work together as a collective of dancers, each member adding to the group collaboration.

We perform at shows, haflas and festivals both abroad and at home. We are always delighted to share our passion and love for the dance, which has taken us abroad to receive teaching from some of the world’s best bellydancers, such as Rachel Brice, Samantha Emmanuel, Moria Chappell, Kami Liddle and Sharon Kihara.

As we dance both Improvisational Tribal Style and Tribal Fusion style, our repertoire consists of both improvised and choreographed performances. Improvisational Tribal Style is unique in that it is an improvised group format and each improvised dance is created in the moment as we connect with each other, the music and the audience. No two performances are alike! Our choreographed performances combine our Improvisational Tribal Style vocabulary with Tribal Fusion, which represents everything from folkloric inspired dances to a fusion of ancient dance techniques from North India, the Middle East, Spain and Africa and cross over styles which explore modern, jazz, dance theatre, and hip hop.

Our costumes, which are mostly handmade, draw influences from many ethnic backgrounds and modern dance and trends. We dance to music from around the world, both traditional and modern, we will dance to anything we can shake our hips to! We also love to dance to live music and regularly collaborate with bands. We have performed in Cork and around the country with touring and local bands, and have collaborated with The Art Crimes Band to create a 2 hour theatre show which we have performed in various venues and festivals in Cork.

In Roman mythology Suadela was the goddess of persuasion. We believe that bellydance unlocks the inner goddess and nourishes the feminine spirit. Bellydance celebrates the female form in all its beautiful shapes and sizes, inspires positive self image and creates community among women. It is a celebration of the female and of a strong, supportive, dynamic group of women, who enjoy dancing with each other and having fun! Our connection and rapport is evident in our performances and creates a positive and proud display of femininity and friendship.



The Dublin Circus Project work for the development of professional circus arts in Dublin. Firefly is an original choreographed fire spectacle featuring 5 performers, Fire hoop, Fire

Fans, Fire Staff, Fire Poi, Fire Skipping and more. Inspired by tribal themes, rock music and

culture this is an expression of raw female power – not sex, of the love of freedom and fire – not politics!

Fort Sessions


Fort Sessions is a performance collective which marries dramatics and poetry from the confines of a ‘pillow-esque’ fort.

Bringing together some of Dublin’s best performance poets in an all new show that intends to make you laugh, cry and take a long hard look at your life.

There will be poems, theatrics, audience participation and unmistakably homemade costumes.

YinYang Theatre


Ali, Aoife and Edel met in 2008 while studying Drama and Performance in DIT where they had a whale of a time grappling with the Stanislavsky Method (or Stan the Man as they call him) and trying to get their heads around what Bill Shakespeare was actually trying to say (they’re still not sure!)

Over the years they have performed in, Lysistrata, Macbeth and The Arabian Nights and loads more.

In 2011 they graduated and ran off into the sunset with heads full of ideas and creative juices flowing through their veins. They had individual success with TV projects, plays and singing troupes before joining forces to create YinYang Theatre in 2013. Their first production was The FUN in UnFUNded (10 Days In Dublin in Trinity Players, Knockanstockan 2013, 2014 + 2015) and their latest creations Indecent Exposure & Look-At-Me Disease enjoyed great success in The Collaborations Festival 2015 and Scene + Heard Festival 2016. YinYang Theatre are currently scripting and producing their first Web-Series.

Rainbow Rangers


We brighten up any festival with our Fantastic Rainbow Facepaint! Leaving and trail of Happiness and Colour as we go…! :)