New Secret Weapon



New Secret Weapon have just returned from Electric Audio in Chicago, Illinois after recording their second album with prolific engineer, producer and studio owner, Steve Albini.

New Secret Weapon formed in the aftermath of KnockanStockan Independent Music Festival 2007. Drawing influences from artists such as Frank Zappa, King Crimson, Queens of The Stone Age and Jeff Buckley, the band have gathered a loyal fan base in both the UK and Ireland through countless live epic performances. Already in 2015 they have been billed to support Patti Smith in an open-air concert in the renowned RHK grounds, Dublin. March 2015 also saw them support Fantomas and Slayer’s drummer – Dave Lombardo’s band, PHILM.

“Early Black Sabbath shagging mid-period Led Zep…Subtle? No. Brilliant? Yes.” – Tony Clayton Lee, The Irish Times

“A fusion of funk, jazz, prog, alternative and desert rock, this is a dense and complex effort that will delight those willing to spend time really listening…If you love acts like Mr.Bungle, then you’ll adore New Secret Weapon” – Hot Press Magazine