Néill Farrell

“Queersplaining” (“Transplaining”) is a verbal dance between the inspirational and the outrageous; the painfully honest and the painfully obvious; the lipstick and the stubble. This is a sincere routine about self-acceptance, vulnerability and love, tackled in as unembarrassed a manner as is possible for an Irish bloke in a dress. It’s also a surreal stream of consciousness, with an unpredictable edge, a frenetic energy and a quare sense of humour.

This is a show all about the joy, the curse, and the superpower of not being straight. As a polyamorous, genderqueer feminist barista and arguably the most millenial Millenial in Ireland, Neil Farrell wants to talk to you. There are many closets that surround us and get in the way of our authentic selves. It’s time to point at those closets, laugh, and rap along to ukelele tunes.