Mustang Hobo


Mustang hobo are three lads from from the hills of Co. Clare, bridging the gap between prog-rock, manic funk and modern art-rock. They incorporate such diverse influences as, Frank Zappa, Oingo Boingo, Battles, Animal Collective and British band Hot Head Show.
The Avant Bang scene, an idiosyncratic sound involving slow downs, speed ups and abrupt stops, has become an important aspect of Mustang Hobo’s arsenal, especially following our 2013 tour supporting Hot Head Show. Their specific interpretation of this new genre is informed by their innate Irishness and their passion for humour and story-telling.
The lineup is Neil “Jesus” Farrell (bass player and vocalist) – Tuan “Mr, Toots” O’Callaghan (guitarist and vocalist) – and drummer Emmet “Fishboy” Roberts.

“To forego an opportunity to see these legends live is an opportunity that you will gasp about on your deathbed with disdain and regret. Drenched in slap bass and funk mastery, they bring you down the rabbit hole and by the end of it they just sorta leave you there wondering “dafuqsat man?” – Pure M Magazine