Mick Heslin


Bluesman Mick Heslin is a contradiction in terms. At a mere 20 years old, he plays the blues with the heart and soul of a man far beyond his years.

Born and raised in Dublin, Mick sounds like he sprung from the streets of the American South; a hard-walkin’, hard-livin’ guitar man in the grand tradition of blues legends like Blind Boy Fuller and mance lipscomb. Possessed of a furious fingerpicking style and a voice that sounds like it has been soaked in Kentucky bourbon, Mick has been impressing and confounding audiences in bars and clubs around the capital since he was 16 years old.

In that short time he has caught the attention of some of the most talented musicians working in Dublin today, including acclaimed guitar man N.C Lawlor.

For a musician still in his teens, Mick has garnered much acclaim and his prodigious talent will ensure that he has a career as long lasting and successful as the blues tradition itself.


Mick Heslin