Medulla are described as a divine mix of pure mainstream rock, pop, rap, funk and hip-hop. Medulla are unlike any band this country has ever witnessed. Their energy, their style, their
presence and their songs are just brimming with unadulterated talent. Fronted by two hyperactive Brazilian gentlemen, the pair hop and scream around the stage backed by a tight-knit line-up of guitars, bass and drums.Composed by the twins Keops and Raony Andrade (vocals), Alan Lopez and Dudu Valle (guitars), Rodrigo da Silva (bass) and Daniel Martins (drums), Medulla is a carioca band formed in 2005, releasing their first album O Fim da Trégua ( The End of the Truce) with Sony Records. After getting in stores, Medulla started playing on national radio in Brazil and now are a  frequent presence on MTV Brazil, having five video clips on the channel, including their last three releases – “O Novo”, “Eterno Retorno” and “Movimento Barraco”, all of them being in the Top Video Clips of the broadcaster.


Dudu Valle
Alan Lopez
Daniel Martins
Rodrigo DaSillva.