Liz Lawrence


Ever since Liz Lawrence discovered the guitar she was determined to make acoustic music an exciting, fresh and honest genre. Playing in punk and ska bands as a guitarist in her early teens, she finally managed to take the mic and found herself entranced and engaged in a full blown love affair with live performance. Liz’s punk history may not be obvious on first impressions but once she starts to march on the stage her fiery and precocious nature cannot be suppressed.
Leaving the midlands where she grew up, Liz opted for an against the grain art education in rural Devonshire, over the desire to move to the big city. She found solitude and time aided the development of carefully sculpted songs with melody hooks that are instant but sensitive and lyrics that talk to her listeners with honesty and compassion. In this secluded environment Liz began writing her debut album set to come out in the summer of 2012, Liz”s honest approach to “old- fashioned song writing” led to a record that is colourful and earnestly heartfelt.

Her Debut Album, entitled “Bedroom Hero”, was released on the 30th March 2012 in the Republic of Ireland gaining national RTE 2 radio play and regional airing. Receiving critical acclaim in the Irish Press.