Lisa O’Neill



On her way to heaven, Lisa O’Neill hit “a pothole in the sky”…..a perfect way to start this tale, this journey, this album.  Because all great things and all great art usually stems from a bump in the road – or a pothole in the sky.

Throughout the course of this album O’Neill’s voice goes to all sorts of places, and the music – provided by Mossy Nolan, Emma Smith, Joseph Doyle and Seamus Fogarty – follows her like a dark swirling storm.

My viewing point is from the planet earth and my perspective is influenced by my environment and emotional experiences.  My perceptions are as individual, debatable, ever-changing and as unimportant as anyone’s” admits O’Neill.  “The more I know, the smaller I feel, the smaller I feel the more I wonder, the more I wonder, the more I ask and the more I learn the more I’m moved.  I’m young and my life is tiny in the greater scale of things.  If a star blinked, it would miss me, yet I can say ‘stars, you’ve been lovely to watch for so long’”.