Leaders Of Men


The old leaders have failed us and everyone seems to have given up to shuffle home, shoulders sagging in the rain.

Leaders of Men do not accept this.

We are driven to sing these songs and kick against the negativity and betrayal of the last few years.

This isn’t about just getting paid and keeping your head down, waiting politely for the world to notice, and ultimately being discarded like so many others.

It’s something woven through every song and punctuating every note of our music.

This is urgent, compelling, shimmering, joyous, irresistible music that needs to be heard now, more than ever.

This is music for dark times, music that insists upon itself.

We are Leaders of Men.
Do not ignore.


Brian Ashe : Vocals
Darren Lindsey: Bass
Ed Porter: Guitar,Vocals
Dean Byrne: Drums
Gav Glynn: Guitar, Vocals