Sexy Trad: Vulfpeck’s Joe Dart is playing KnockanStockan with The Olllam

When someone mentions a modern Celtic group, we often deflect immediately as an aural reflex from past trauma of rubbish Celtic rock bands we unfortunately failed to block out as a child. However, we have found something of a treasure in The Olllam, a modern “Celtic” group that highlights the beauty, sorrow and the joy of Irish traditional music with the addition of the sexiest groove element that feels like it’s always been there and should be there always.

If you’re anything like the KS Crew, you’ll be hooked to their debut album! Listen HERE.

The Olllam take their name from on old Irish word that basically means “master of a trade”, a perfect description for each band member. You’ll find yourself asking “But WHY is it so goddamn good?” when you begin your first of a million listens. We’ll try to answer here but we highly recommend losing yourself completely in this. A supergroup you might say, combined musical genius from a multiplicity of styles, has made this music you lay your ears on. We don’t like to name drop at KnockanStockan, but these players demand your attention:

Joe Dart – Detroit (Bass) While he may be the most recent addition to The Olllam, if we were ever to drop a name to KnockanStockan fans, Joe Dart of Vulfpeck is definitely a name well worth dropping and for good reason. Any of us who have listened to Joe Dart will know that what he does with the bass is so good it’s hilarious. You’ll find yourself literally laughing with joy from his groove! His slick touch combined with the undeniable genius and virtuosity of the other members has the KS Crew enraptured with The Olllam.

John McSherry -Belfast (Whistles, Uilleann Pipes) is one of the best Uilleann Pipe players in the world. McSherry had two All-Irelands in the bag by the time he was 14 and soon became the youngest ever winner of the Oireachtas piping competition. For those of you unfamiliar with trad, John McSherry is seriously hot shit!

He is the founding member of Lúnasa, one of the most highly rated contemporary Irish bands of all time and is well known for his work with Donal Lunny’s legendary Coolfin. A virtuoso to the highest degree..You’re welcome KS Fans!

Tyler Duncan – Detroit (Whistles, Keyboards, Guitar & Uilleann Pipes)

Tyler Duncan has been transatlantically making an absolute show of us for several years now, a multi-instrumentalist, producer and composer who is more than a master of Irish music, he was the first American to win the All-Ireland on both the Bodhran and the Uilleann Pipes. He became the first Low Whistle player ever to be accepted into a jazz studies major at the University of Michigan where he later formed his progressive Irish jazz cover band Millish. We’ll take it thank you, yes please.

Michael Shimmin – Detroit (Percussion)

Michael’s jazzy touch is essential to The Olllam’s sound along with many other groups as one of Detroit’s most in demand percussionists. Extraordinarily well versed in jazz, world, folk, rock and classical music, KS Fans are about to hear something wonderful as Shimmin and Joe Dart provide an ultra slick back bone to this epic sound.

We cannot wait to welcome The Olllam to the shores of the Blessington Lakes!

Come join us, last few tickets remaining are available here.

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