Get lost down the Art Trail: Giant Mushrooms, Hexagons, Disco Fish and Dream Weavers

Thousands of deer in the headlights…that’s what we’re aiming for this year on the KnockanStockan Art Trail. Hidden beauties dotted all around to hang out in, to stare at, to gather around, to chill out, to compliment your tunes next weekend.

Spectacular visual treats to enhance festival magic. Beautiful things made by wonderful, creative minds. Roll on KS18, roll on down the Art Trail.


Artists: Róisín Berg & Walter Nied

Defying all knowledge we have of mushrooms, this particular specimen seems to have the ability to capture sun rays during the day, while at night, dispensing these in a beautiful light spectacle for its fellow habitants seeking shelter below its large cap. Why it does this and why it grows here on these festival grounds is still a mystery. Maybe nature is trying to tell us something.

Róisín is a digital artist currently pursuing a master’s degree in Art and Technology in Limerick, Ireland. Through her studies, and her work as a sound and lighting technician, she has gained a vast amount of experience using new media such as light, video, code and audio. Her work often explores combining these with traditional media.

Walter is a Creative technologist with an apt sense of artistic and functional implementations of hardware and software technologies. Starting out as an electronic music producer with roots tracing back to the underground music scene in the west of Ireland, a constant want to find the exciting and new has lead me to delve into the possibilities of spatial sound.


Artist: Izzy Rose Grange

This piece explores nature and a feeling of stillness, capturing the beauty of Irish wild flowers through this print process to elicit an emotional connection and allow the viewer time and space to reflect.

The deep blues created in the fabric prints result from an old photographic printing process called Cyanotype. The process uses two chemicals that mix together become photo-sensitive and produce a cyan-blue print when exposed to UV light. The fabric is first soaked in the chemicals, let them dry and then the designs are exposed for a tested duration to achieve these rich denim like blue tints.

The term ‘blue prints’ actually comes from the cyanotype printing. This process was used well into the 20th century as a low-cost process to produce copies of drawings or plans referred to as blueprints.

Realms Of Gold

Artist: Sophia Deeny

Blessington Lunula

“Sophia Deeney is an NCAD graduate brought up between rural Donegal and urban London. Her installation, Realms Of Gold,

is a large scale replica of the Blessington Lunula, a gold collar from ancient Ireland found here in Wicklow. The piece is immersive and magical. It emulates the power of the golden sun while the moon shape reminds us of the cyclical nature of life. A new moon is a symbol of infancy and a full moon, one of maturity, the crescent moon therefore, is the representation of youth and a reminder  to enjoy the ever fleeting present.”

An t-iasc mór / The Big Fish

Artists: Ruby Corcoran, Stephanie Connolly and Emily O’Connor

Our idea is to make a reflective light & moving mobile installation that will be hung from a tree. We plan to only use recycled materials and locally source our materials. The idea originated from the old Irish folklore; The Salmon of knowledge. We felt this was appropriate because of the enchanting ambiance of Wicklow and the magical feel its casts. There will be only one large fish and smaller fish hanging around the tree. They will have reflective surfaces, reflecting light and you will be able to hear it before you see it with the sound of the small fish knocking off each other in the wind. We would like this to be an nice meeting point for people “meet us at the big fish”. An area for communal gathering. As some of us have a background in graphic design we would like to propose some signage to go along with it so you always know where to find the big fish, an t-iasc mór!

Ruby Corcoran, Stephanie Connolly and Emily O’Connor are all Graphic Designers. We have lots of experience working on multifaceted projects and creating concepts for project alike this and we have a lot of hands on experience on building large scale projects as well. John O’Connor and Jamie Morey are the people who make and build sculptures and are the creative heads when it comes to its construction.

John O’Connor has a lot of experience in carpentry and Jamie Morey is a painter by trade who will help us establish the construction and final look we are looking for, including signage.

Shane Tierney is our marketing head, he has helped us create a project that has a reach to its audience and worked on a lot of the social media side of it. With a business head in our team it has been helpful for the project management and timing of everything.

Crowzeye Jewellery N Sculptor

Artist: “I’m a Salvage Artist. I take discarded items such as watch/clock parts, the ends of welding rods, bottle caps, motorcycle parts, guitar strings, bullets, shotgun shells, more.. making something from nothing. I combine these with pressed flowers, scrap fabrics and attaching materials to create what I hope are beautiful sculptures and jewellery from mostly waste materials. I’d like to encourage people to take a closer look at what they throw away in this life and take further interest in re-purposing, and protecting the planet we live on.”

Starve the Ego Feed the Soul

Artist: Elinor Sherwood

“My work explores the inner world of humanity, the identity of the soul, the human condition and our complex relationship with the world, how our dynamic minds connect to the universe, exploring the strangeness and enigmatic connection our bodies have with living elements of nature, and how our human nature is a universal state, I’m questioning through the vulnerability of the body, what is it to be human? How we survive humanity, existing in a state beyond being human, separating the mind from the body “the body is a vehicle for the mind” your consciousness, unity/disunity with oneself.”

Above understanding altogether. Always. Ever. A mystery. Square on the ground but floating and flying. In front of me. Behind me. In places that don’t even exist. Many a face for many a faceless. Changing the unchangeable by changing. Speak the language of the universe. The universe is language. It’s speaking simultaneously.



Artist: Triona O’Donoghoe

Inspired by geometry in nature and light fractals I want to create a hanging installation. Using wooden hexagonal outer frame I would fill the empty space with illustrated lines, lights and colour using acrylic perspex material and stain glass paints. I want to create a kaleidoscope effect that during the day will reflect out natural light in different colours. Cloudy coloured plastic sheets (greenhouse plastic) are cut up in long sheets underneath. By night the entire thing can be lit up to have a totally different playful effect.


Artist: Feilim O’Cuireain 

Why throw away the old when we can embrace it. The idea here will be to give the old a new use. We all know that recycling takes old items, breaks them down and turns them into new materials. But this process implies and categorises the old as weak, frail and breakable.
Lets give these stereotypes a new meaning; so while abandoning the process that goes on behind closed doors and while minimising environmental impact, lets take our eco footstep one step further and show the world what can be done when we upcycle!
VISION: What I propose is a chandelier light installation. I would make a dozen chandeliers from used plastic bottles. Each bottle would transform from its existing shape. The pieces would then decorate an existing lit avenue or clearing.
What I want to bring to Knockanstockan is thought provoking inspiration that helps the environment.

Scáthán COPPER

Artist:Laura Poff

Through repetitive methods and actions, I aim to create works that endeavour to evoke something of the meditative state involved in their construction. I take inspiration from organic forms and patterns, and through a process of automatic drawing, transform them into fluid and ambiguous compositions.
I propose to create a tactile and visual experience for the festival goers through my installation. Using aluminium and various metals such as copper I will create an artwork which the audience can also interact with. I will emboss the aluminium and copper, which will also be highly polished and reflective to give a kind of distorted mirror effect.

Far out Fairy

Artist: Imogen Stafford

An Art installation. A larger than life Female… in a seated position, made of similar material to her sister Phoenicia. I had thought to put her on a swing and illuminate her well, this idea may not work as there may not be enough height  or place her in a tree, where she likes to be, all lit up like a flamboyant fairy 🙂


Artists: Jef Jef Jef & Shazbot


Ge0 Pop is a collaboration of artists who are passionate about exploring the wonders of geometry through creativity, science, spirituality, sustainability and new media. Making beautiful art and adding LED lights, projectors, computers and lasers to bring art installations to a new level, by day and by night.

Their art is the fusion of precise analogue fabrication, the ephemeral & infinite and all things digital. Planting seeds to grow dreams!


Hexellent Stage Design

The Dimestore Tent will be lit up by this SLICK light installation.

Hexagon based design for the Circus Tent. Working with Audio Jack to produce a 23 piece modular LED & projection mapped structure for decorating the stage.

The Seed of Light

A large circular LED geometry based sculpture, representing the Seed of Life. The 7 circles mirror our chakras, days, seas, wonders, liberal arts, musical notes & colours of the rainbow; forming a foundation upon which the infinite, fractal nature of life can be understood.

This installation emits a custom light show encouraging viewers to sit & bask in its sacred light. The piece will dance, pulse and change colours creating an environment that will attract like-minded people to connect. Let’s LIGHT up the world with the awareness of sacred geometry.

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Herne The Hunter

Artist: Colum Nolan

‘Herne The Hunter’ is a sculptural light installation consisting of a
large 2D silhouetted representation of Herne, a human figure with the horns of a stag.
The piece, which will stand 10ft tall among  the trees, will be made
using thick ply-board cut into shape and back-lit with a green/blue
This will accentuate the outline and features of the ‘Horned God’,
such as his eyes and a large triskele that will be between his antlers.
He will hold a bow and arrow as he he ready for the hunt.
This representation of Herne will give the appearance that as ‘Lord
of Wild Things’,he is present at the festivities.

The idea behind this installation is to create an
artwork with impact that speaks to the primal in us.
Herne, called Cernunnos by the Gauls, Uindos, Son of Lugh to the
ancient Irish and closely linked with the Green Man  and Pan in
mythology, represents humanities elemental search for  survival and
a deep affinity with the natural world.

He is the wild God of the forest, a symbol of abundance and
masculine virility.
He is Master of the Hunt. To have a representation of him at
Knockanstockan would be a powerful symbol of our natural instinct
and ability to survive.
There is an ancestral recognition that goes along with the shape of
the Hunter God, Herne. As a result of this, the artwork will feel ever
present during the day as his  silhouette observes the festival.
Inspired by the song, ‘Herne’ by Clannad, this artwork will reach out
to our sense of rootedness in this landscape, its mysteries and
myths, history and stories.
The Hunter God inspires awe and stirs something primal in our
hearts.Its true impact will be most apparent as night falls.

Dream Weaver

Artist: Emma Kate Butler

For the last couple of years, I’ve been experimenting with wool sculptures and installations, seeing what kind of interesting shapes can be made. It almost always results in something wonderful, especially in an outdoor environment where its surroundings can be seen peeping through the tiny spaces between parallel lines. This year, I intend to combine coloured wool with bicycle wheels. I would wrap wool around two different spokes, which would result in a triangle of colour. This would be repeated around the wheel, until a circle of scattered coloured triangles is created. I would repeat this process with different colours, creating 5 or 6 colourful wheels. The wheels would then be hung from a tree (or several trees) branch (or branches). The fusion of something mechanical and something crafty and colourful would surely result in an interesting aerial piece, a pop of vibrant colour in a natural environment which would evoke curiosity in passers-by.
I am a graphic designer, but my passion is art: installation art in particular. For the last few years I’ve created artwork for Electric Picnic and Body & Soul. I also was part of the art crew for KnockanStockan a couple of years ago, when I fell in love with the festival. The festival itself is beautiful, and what a beautiful place to have a festival! The atmosphere was just the best, even in the days leading up to the festival. Everyone was having a good time and helping each other. I’d love to be part of that again this year! One way or another I’ll be there, but it would really be great to contribute to the festival.

Disco Fish

Artist: Meadhbh Stafford

I have two fish that are made out of recycled CD’s. They are about 1 meter long, their head and tails move. Usually they are hung out of trees with CD mobiles hung around them that move in the wind. If the sun shines on it is very eye-catching. When it is lit up at night it can send off rainbows of light.

Slartibartfast Seating Space

Artist: Christine Cavanaugh

A hang out space. I have two stools, a small table, and two odd chairs that can all be turned into spaces to sit on or to put food and drinks on. The idea is to upcycle them so that they are colourful mosaics of wee little worlds much like some of the resin designs I’ve designed and displayed in sculpture at Knockanstockan, other festivals, and sculpture shows. Slartibartfast was a character in Douglas Adams’ book “The Hitchhiker’s Guide To The Galaxy.”. He created worlds in the trilogy of five. I’ll be incorporating mosaic techniques along with collage, assemblage, and resin designs. I want to incorporate the recycled materials I tend to work with such as clock and bike parts and pressed flowers. The plan is to completely funk up the pieces so that they are something people will investigate as they relax and enjoy the atmosphere of the festival. I’m thinking of placement near the Wishbone Stage, or up in the back near the Holistic Area/ Faerie Field. I will secure them to each other and to the ground so they won’t go walkabout.

High 5

Artist: Julie Weber

Julie Weber is currently an MFA Digital Art student at the National College of Art and Design, and received her joint Bachelors degree in Fine Art Media and Visual Culture.

Weber responds from a feminist perspective to mass consumer targeting and the western capitalist structure. Usually, the works are extended compositions and fragmented narratives that createwomen’s time; “which is that outside of patriarchal time and man-centred epistemologies” and thus, intends to oppose the linear clock-based commodified and industrialised time. This piece, High-5 is an extension and experimentation from Weber’s main practice, Jacqui Fleury and Julie O Hare have assisted in the making of this piece.

Installation info:

High 5 is an interactive installation, the swinging arms direct, welcome and embrace. Made up of 25 hand stitched arms, they vary in size and width and each having a personality of their own. These are made from recycled fabrics, love and care.

“Hope’ is the Thing with Feathers”

Artist: Sophie JB (Jaja Studios)

Based on the Emily Dickinson poem, “Hope Is The Thing With Feathers,” this installation would be part of a series of work which has been created specifically to inspire hope in those who need it.
Every other piece of work from this series has been donated to people suffering with serious illnesses so as to help keep them and their loved ones hopeful and to spark a belief in them that things can always get better.
The image of a bird soaring in a vast, endless sky is one that is recognised universally as standing for freedom. This installation will exist to invoke a sense of optimism in anyone who sees it.
Like a bird, “hope” is an unassuming but powerful creature, not to be underestimated.
” ‘Hope’ is the thing with feathers –
 That perches in the soul –
  And sings the tune without the words –
  And never stops – at all –  “

                                               ~Emily Dickinson.

Sacred Circles

Artist: Sequoia Sai Sín

Clam Collective is a small group of movers and makers based in Galway. This year, we combine our love of hooping and LED lights to build the installation Sacred Circles. This luminous representation of the Seed of Life pauses at the moment just before the flower expands as fully as it can, when it is blooming but has not yet reached its full potential – it is caught in that moment of transformation, of metamorphosis (just like most of us). This pattern has had significance to many people during many different times throughout human history, and is considered to contain ancient, spiritual value depicting the fundamental forms of space and time. When looking at this piece, you will be surprised to find triangles, hexagons and various other shapes within it, which is a reflection on how we are always discovering new things that are somehow always connected to everything else in the world. It seems fitting that this shape now connect more people, that it reveal and encourage the infinite and intrinsic connection between all of us.  Because, I mean, who doesn’t enjoy a bitta symmetry and glowing light?

Everyone’s an Art Installation 

Artists: Peaches Ink & Kate Ryan

Interactive art piece where attendees are directed by two artists to create one cohesive, un self-conscious piece that encapsulates their knockanstockan experience and proves that everyone is in fact, an artist.


Art trail, rabbit hole, adventure, explore, fall right on into it and enjoy!

Peace & Love,

KS Crew

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