Jake Morley


Jake Morley is a singer/songwriter based in north London. His unusual style of lap tapping, allowing him to tap, slap, and strum his guitar, has gained him many plaudits from both fans and critics.

A sold-out album launch at London’s Bush Hall, stunning performances for City Showcase at the historic 100 Club and industry night Music Week Breakout, a storming live session for Janice Long’s Radio 2 show – things have moved very quickly for the remarkable Jake Morley this year. Jake’s phenomenal talent as a songwriter and performer have long been recognised by his early fans, but national recognition is building quickly and now record labels and publishers are rightly putting Jake Morley firmly on their buzz radar.


Jake Morley (Slapping / Tapping / Lapping / Vocals)
John Parker (Double Bass / Moral Compass)
Harry Mead (Drums / Percussion / Youthful Good Looks)
Kevin Pollard (Piano / Keys / Harmonium / Brains)