Instalment Tickets

Installment Tickets are SOLD OUT! Limited full price tickets are available here.


If you definitely want to come to KnockanStockan but can’t afford the full price of a ticket just now then the instalment plan is for you.

For a limited time you can pay a €52 deposit to reserve a ticket. Then simply pay the balance in 2 handy instalments before 12 noon on Thursday 18th July and your ticket will be sent out to you.

Terms and conditions apply. Please read them carefully before paying the Late Bird (LB) Instalment Plan Deposit.

Terms and conditions (the important details, please read carefully)

  1. The Instalment Plan Deposit is NOT a ticket for KnockanStockan Festival.
    By paying the Instalment Plan Deposit I am reserving a ticket which must be upgraded to a full KS weekend ticket before the 19th of July or my deposit will be forfeited.
  2. All payments are non-refundable.
    If for any reason I do not make the final payment to upgrade to a KnockanStockan ticket my Instalment Plan Deposit will not be refunded and the ticket I reserved will be sold to another person. It is my responsibility to make sure I pay the final instalment and upgrade on time.
  3. The deadline for upgrading is 12pm (Noon) on Thursday 18th of July.
    I must pay the third and final instalment to upgrade to a KnockanStockan ticket before 12 noon on Thursday 18th of July or my Instalment Plan Deposit will be forfeited. I may do this anytime before 12 noon on Thursday 18th.
  4. There is a €4.19 ticket admin fee per instalment.
    In addition to the cost of the ticket I will pay €4.19 in ticket fees per instalment.
  5. Example for clarification of the total cost of using the instalment plan:
    €52 Original Instalment Plan Deposit (Available 18th April-17th May)
    (Available 18th May -17th June)
    €52 (Available 18th June -18th July)
    €4.19 ticket admin fee x 3
  6. Reminder email:
    I will be sent a reminder email from either or one week before each deadlines. I am responsible for giving the correct email address at the time of purchase and ensuring that the reminder email will not get caught by junk or spam filters. KnockanStockan has no obligation to remind me to upgrade my Instalment Plan Deposit to a KnockanStockan ticket.
  7. Only the original purchaser can upgrade deposits.
    Only the original purchaser can upgrade from a Instalment Plan Deposit to a KnockanStockan ticket because it requires full admin access of the Eventbrite account that the ticket is bought under.
  8. Normal KnockanStockan terms and conditions apply.
    When I upgrade my Instalment Plan Deposit to a full KnockanStockan 3 day camping ticket I will agree to all normal terms and conditions. If I do not agree to these terms and conditions I will not get a refund and my deposit will be forfeit.