Fusion Trip


“Fusion Trip” was formed in August 2010 as a result of mutual musical inspirations of Emil (guitar) and Bart (bass). The band started rehearsing as a trio together with drummer Jacek. After a few months Dave (keyboard) joined. First demo album was recorded in September 2011. The band gained new drummer Jaro after Jacek’s leaving in the end of 2011.

The effect of the bands members creativity is a mixture of several music styles with fusion at the heart. The potential listener will also find elements of jazz, rock and funk. The band’s aim is to grab the audience’s imagination and take them to an inspiring and spiritual trip, while sometimes stronger rock and funk elements kick in and transfer the track into a more powerful groove.

Fusion Trip is performing mainly in pubs in Dublin and currently working on tunes for the first album.


Emil Madali?ski
Bartek Kotowski
Dave Rutherford
Jaro Zigo