Fear Of Folk



Fear of Folk formed in 2011 in a quest to reaffirm old friendships and make a record they could be truly proud of… Charity and Tolerance EP is that record.

Four beautiful Alt Pop songs illustrate Fear Of Folk’s unique approach to songwriting.

Recorded and produced by Grammy award winning producer Liam Watson -(White Stripes Elephant) – in Toerag studios London over a ten day period. It attempts to capture the intimacy and passion of rehearsals on tape. Masterd by Noel Summerville at 3345 (Interpol, The White Stripes, Micah P Hinson, The Clash)

The whole recording and mastering process was done strictly analogue no digital element at any point anywhere along the line.

Fear Of Folk are joined by legendary pedal steel guitarist B.J. Cole -( The Verve, Beck) on the EP. Charity And Tolerance is released this Autumn 2012 on limited edition 12” vinyl, C.D. and digital download.


Gerard Griffin
Donal Lynch
Richard Swinburne
Joe Ryan