Already gathering major attention from specialist DJ’s at BBC Radio 1 with their debut track from the EP “Bullet Head” a ‘Song 2’-style short, sharp shocker that you want to play again the instant it’s over.

The band met through the local music scene at house parties and supporting each other in previous bands.

The start of 2016 has found Fangclub working furiously – in every sense of the word! With the Bullet Head EP comprehensively nailed, Fangclub will return to live duty with headliners on both sides of the Atlantic, and then hit the summer festival circuit.

“No nonsense poppy hooks over punishing riffs……The time is now to bare your teeth and join the club.” – Hot Press

“Fangclub win you over with their sheer enthusiasm and infectious melodies.. That initial ripple Fangclub have caused in the pond is set to become a tsunami.” – GoldenPlec