Frequently Asked Questions

Here’s where you’ll find all the precious info to make your visit to KnockanStockan a breeze.

What if I don’t know any of the bands that are playing?

You in particular should especially come to Knockanstockan to discover some amazing new music! That’s the whole beauty of Knockanstockan. You get to explore and discover some of the best talent that is unknown by most but of outstanding quality nonetheless. Still not convinced? Listen to our PLAYLIST

Can I bring alcohol?

In order to sustain our beautiful festival, pay artists and give back to the community we have introduced a basic drinks policy to keep her lit!

While there is a limit to the quantity of alcohol that can be brought on site, you can roam freely with your alcohol anywhere in the festival grounds.

Each person can bring:

Arriving on Friday & Saturday:

1 x Crate of Beer (24 Cans)

1 x Bottle of Liquor or 2 Bottles of Wine (decanted as NO Glass on site)

Re-entry Saturday:

Re-entry with alcohol is permitted from 10:30-14:00

(hop on the shuttle bus and stock up in Blessington)

1 x Crate of Beer (24 Cans)

1 x Bottle of Liquor / 2 Bottles of Wine (decanted as NO Glass on site)


No Entry or reentry with alcohol is permitted.

There will be no restrictions on where people can go with their drink on site.

I have a query about BUSES who do I contact?

Festival Express Buses are leaving from Custom House Quay! See for times.

A shuttle bus service will also operate to and from Blessington!

See How to Get There page for more info

Can I bring my own beer?

Yes but NO GLASS. We also have a bar on site for fresh delicious drinks.

Are there ATMs on-site?

No. The last ATMs are in Blessington village. There will be no cash-retrieving facility (laser or otherwise) anywhere on site.

Will there be buses on Monday Day after the festival has finished?

Yes. Buses are scheduled to leave from Monday 9am and will run until everyone is off site. See How to get there for more info

If I arrive in a Campervan do I have to have a Weekend Ticket?

Yes. Each person travelling in a Campervan must have a Weekend Camping Ticket as well as a Campervan ticket.

Are there still Weekend Tickets Available? If so, how much are they?

Yes! Tickets are priced at just €150 for Saturday and Sunday. Friday early entry camping tickets are available for an additional €15. You can grab yours now over HERE!

What’s the best way to get to Lacken, Blessington?

Our Festival bus from Dublin. Tickets will be available in our ticket section of this website HERE 

Fo more info please read How To Get There

Is there plug-in power in the campsite? Drinking water?

No plug-in power, and yes there will be drinking water available on site. Please bring a reusable water bottle to refill at water points.

If I won a ticket/pair of tickets.. how do I collect them?

If you won a ticket/tickets we will have your name listed and tickets wrapped. You will need PHOTO ID corresponding to your entrant name to collect them. These will be available for collection from 12pm on Friday.

Is Family Camping close to the Car Park?

Family camping is located within the festival site which is accessible from the carpark by a shuttle bus service which will operate regularly throughout the weekend.

The car park is €5 for the weekend.

What if I don’t want to camp, will I be excluded from going to KnockanStockan?

Of course not, we’d still love you to come to the festival even if you don’t want to camp. You are free to stay elsewhere and come and go as you please. Camping is free & optional. Boutique camping is available also for comfort.

I’m bringing my 8 year old son, does he need a ticket?

KnockanStockan is a family friendly event and children under 12 can enter FREE of charge when accompanied by an adult but they must redeem a FREE ticket which is issued through our website HERE.

13-17 year olds are not permitted, even when accompanied by an adult. Knockanstockan is an Over 18 Event.

Photo ID will have to be presented if age is in question.

Can I get a Campervan Ticket?

Our Campervan tickets are unfortunately SOLD OUT. Our advice to you- make really good friends with someone who has both a campervan and a ticket…

Where and when is Knockanstockan Music Festival on?

Knockanstockan will as always, be taking place in our friendly farmers land in Lacken, Blessington. 

See How To get There

Are dogs allowed on site?

Dogs are not allowed on site unless they are assistance dogs.

Can I access the site with a Friday Early Entry ticket only?

No, you must have an accompanying weekend ticket for Saturday and Sunday.

Can I get my ticket refunded?

No, we have a no refunds policy. You can sell your ticket but please contact us with the purchasers info to

Is there a bar on site?

Yes, there are several bars on site, serving cold beers and cocktails all weekend.

Is there lost and found on site?

Please ask a member of staff or security if you have lost your belongings and they will assist you in the right direction.

Can I swim in the lake?

No you cannot swim in the lake. The lake is private property of ESB.

Are there cigarettes/tobacco on sale?

Yes you can purchase cigarettes from the bars but you will need your ID.

How much are tickets and where can I buy them?

Tickets are €150 for Saturday and Sunday with an additional €15 for Friday Early Entry tickets. Buy them HERE

When can I arrive on site?

The Carpark will be open from 1PM on Friday.

Box Office will be open from 2PM on Friday for Early Entry tickets.

Box Office will be open for weekend tickets on Saturday and Sunday at 10AM with carpark available from 9AM.

Will there be showers on site?

Yes, there will be showers on site with €3 charge per shower.

Is the site wheelchair accessible?

KnockanStockan is a green field site on a mild incline. Wheelchair users should be aware that terrain can be difficult in places. Where possible, assistance will be given.

Are there medical facilities on site?

Yes, we have medical facilities provided by Code Blue.

Will there be security on site?

Yes, there will be security present in operation on site 24 hours daily.

Will I need ID?

Yes, you will need ID to enter the site and to purchase alcohol and cigarettes.

Can I purchase tickets at the gate?

Tickets will be available at the gate provided the event does not sell out. In the event of a sell-out you will be notified via social media and our website not to make the journey.

Does KnockanStockan Recycle?

Yes, KnockanStockan takes waste management seriously with a waste management company sorting and recycling all waste from the festival.

Will there be food available at the festival?

Yes, we will have multiple food traders at the festival catering to all tastes and requirements.