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Over the last ten years the communities of Lacken and Ballyknockan have become an integral element of KnockanStockan Music and Arts Festival.

Since sharing the field with the Ballyknockan Music Festival along side KnockanStockan in 2007 close bonds were formed and true friendship forged. Many of the community have now become full fledged KnockanStockan crew and our festival would be lost without their skills and advice over the years.

Prior to the festival each year an information letter is posted to local residents and surrounding areas, this gives the greater community a chance to query and resolve any concerns they may have about the upcoming event. It also gives us an opportunity to get to know our neighbours on a personal level. We have gained respect from our neighbours who join us in our celebrations each year. We hope that we can continue to develop this friendship and that our community will come and enjoy KnockanStockan in the future.

Since the beginning we have always felt that KnockanStockan should give back to our community, so over the years we have hosted many nights of music in local pubs and hotels, helped with barn dances and even let the odd collection bucket do its rounds during the festival weekend. To date we have raised €8000 for numerous community and youth initiatives within the area. The demand for local tickets grew to an overwhelming amount in 2013, so we decided to charge €10 for community tickets with all proceeds going straight back into these initiatives.

KnockanStockan would like to thank the communities of Lacken and Ballyknockan for their patience and friendship over the years. Your support and encouragement has helped KnockanStockan achieve many goals and grow to what we are today. From the bottom of our hearts


If you would like to contact us about our community relations or are resident in the area please contact Caitriona on the email address below.