Chewing On Tinfoil



Chewing on Tinfoil are a DIY punk band from the breathtakingly scenic, awe inspiringly smog-free city of Dublin. They are known for their energetic and engaging live performances, with their signature punk sound being made up of catchy melodies and hooks, thought provoking and relatable lyrics, and a dash of outside influences such as ska and reggae.

In the 10+ years that the band have been active they have toured in the UK, US and Europe, and have self-released numerous albums, EPs and singles, including a live session for BBC Radio 1’s Punk Show with Mike Davies, with each release being made available for free download from day one alongside their physical counterparts.

Over the past year the band has gone into relative hibernation to allow members to engage in some extracurricular activities such as travelling the world, recovering from a skiing accident, and starting up a computer games studio – but 2016 sees the band awaken from the slumber in order to release a new EP and hit the road a little bit more.