Candle Lit Tales

Candlelit Tales is a storytelling company born from the sibling duo Aron and Sorch Hegarty, and their ambition is to spread the wealth of wisdom, passion and play, which exists in Irish Mythology. This year Candlelit Tales have gathered a vibrant collective and combination of performers, dancers and musicians who’s complimentary additions bring these elements of mythology to life, through their expert forms of expression. Aron is actor, writer and director with a talent for telling stories to both young and old alike, so you can see him in the Family area and on stage for their new show “The dream of Eithlinn”.

The Epic of Cúchulainn

by Candlelit Tales


A hero can live forever on the lips of storytellers.

A boy takes up arms, and becomes the howling Hound of Ulster. The stories he inspires are his legacy. Tales of his hero’s light and battle rage, of blushing Ulsterwomen and their fuming husbands, of triumph and grievous loss, of other-worldy power and a fragility that is all too human.

Candlelit Tales presents the Epic of Cúchulainn, re-telling the story of an Irish legend in their unique style. Set to an evocative live musical score.