Bleeding Gums



From blues-crossed-hip-hop riffs to sneaky ******’s, these young chaps are a regular sight along the sunny brick paving of Grafton Street and Temple Bar.

The 4 piece play a collection of original rock and roll tunes written over the years by lead singer Cameron,
but have taken a slight turn in genre recently with Cameron’s growing interest in hip-hop culture.

“Its a lyrics thing. I have no involvement in guns or crime, simply a new found love for this whole ‘rapping’ thing” says the unpredictable frontman.

Luckily, with the wide range of musical talent and influence from his beloved band, he pulls it off, and we think they might just be on to something………something new.

The band are in the process of recording this summer
and can be found in Turks Head in Temple Bar jamming with their good friends at THE PATCH every couple of weeks, or more commonly, busking on the streets of Dublin, playing drums with their feet and using paint buckets as percussion.
Will the madness ever end?…

“No it wont” says Cameron.


Sweeney – Lead Guitar
Rag – Bass
Cameron – Vocals/Guitar
KJ – Buckets