An R&B/pop singer from Dublin, Aik discovered the path to music while actively trying to complete his degree as a computer scientist – anchoring influences from likes of Michael Jackson, Chris Brown, R Kelly, Ed Sheeran and more. He is always trying to build a range of versatile sounds that would take him away from the ideology of just a genre based artist, but rather someone who exploring sounds of interest and concatenating it to his own personal expression.

His debut single ‘In My Soul’ married trap rhythms with hip-hop, while follow up ‘Heights’ was a smoother tune that brought him sessions with the likes of Meanwhile, his live band show has seen him win plaudits at festivals such as HWCH and Whelan’s Ones To Watch.

“One of the coolest new acts in the country, the youngster from Dublin made huge waves as his soul, R&B, pop sound dropped….” (”