Guilt You Green

Dearest KnockanStockaners 


From our humble beginnings we have always kept our planet and the importance of being green in our overall ethos. This year Knockanstockan will be making an even bigger effort to mould our little festival into being greener and more sustainable. So we have implemented changes and updated our green policy. We really want to hit home the importance of our home. We need to collectively come together to make our little land of music and craic a rapid green, sustainable space for all of us to enjoy. A task, impossible without you!

We are delighted to be joined by some serious renegade collectives this year. They aim to  help us get the message across of the importance of educating ourselves and others to be greener and more sustainable.

Have a look around at what a beautiful site we have. But when we are not here it is a haven for Irish wildlife and home to many agricultural livestock of a small holding, farming family. 

So lets respect their home as it is only ours for a few days. We know how serious the problem is so let’s make it fun and get the job done.

In fairness, us KnockanStockaners are pretty class when it comes to cleaning up and keeping our site green but alas there are a few that don’t, so let’s encourage the green into them. Collectively we can do it. On a planet that is rapidly changing because of our absolute ignorance of consequences we need to be the change. So let ‘s start as we mean to go on. Be an Attenborough not a Trump. Be happy, make each other happy, mind each other, mind Mother Earth. Keep the gaff clean and lets guilt each other green. 

Below are some guidelines on how we can all make KnockanStockan greener and what we at KnockanStockan are implementing to be greener 

What You the Knockanstockaner can do to help:

  • Bring your own water bottle, coffee cup and unusual drinking vessel. We are moving towards a plastic free festival.


  • Put your rubbish in the correct bins provided. 


  • Clean up around your tent, we will provide bags for you to do this, just ask. Please use clear plastic bags for recycling and leave it at bins around the site. 


  • Please try and dispose of all cigarette butts. Fashion a nice ashtray for the occasion. 


  • Please don’t use baby wipes. Bring face cloths and use the lovely cold mountain water to refresh your face.


  • Please, please, please bring your tent home. Remember the days when having a tent was a big deal let’s get back to that. Invest with your friends rather than buy a cheap tent or an all in camping deal. Lend it out, keep it for the next festival. You have, after all, spent money on it. Please bring it home with you. Please.


  • Pesty Plastic, just leave as much as you can at home. 


  • Ask yourself, “do i really need to bring all this unnecessary baggage?”  Be mindful of your back.


  • Please don’t bring Gazebos.    


  • And most importantly, Leave No Trace, just good energy.


Here are some suggested phrases we encourage you to use over the weekend to put the guilt on others : 


“Are you not going to pick that up and put it in the bin? It’s right there ya lazy (add your own selected word) “


“Put that in the bin ya mad yoke! Seriously like”


“Clean around your tent, the hack of ya and your gaff”


“You not going to bring your tent, chairs and sleeping bag home with ya? Must have loads of money.”


“Ya not finishing that delish food? What a waste!”


“What are you wasting the mountain water on your bleeding hair for? Go crusty or go to Muthering Heights.”


“The children are watching us, we should show them that we are in fact not filthy animals. Lets ring a ring a rosie the hell outta this green buzz”

A Drop of Drinking Water.

KnockanStockan is very proud of our water system that has been in place for ten years now. 

We are delighted to offer premium quality drinking water. We take our water from the mountain behind you. The spring water is naturally filtered through the golden granite of the mountain. Our water is chemically untreated, totally fresh, UV sterilized and also good for the environment. We have water points all over the site. We encourage KnockanStockaners to bring your own water bottle, metal preferred, fill up and enjoy. Don’t waste it, savour it. KnockanStockan will also have sweet new water bottles for sale at our Purch the Merch area in the Muthering Heights Tent. 

Keepsy Cupsy 

This year in conjunction with Carlsberg we are delighted to offer you a reusable cup for your delishly cold beverages from any of our bars. You can buy these keep cups for €2 euro at all the bars. 

Cool Cans 

Tired of carrying bags of ice to and from your tent? Leave that to us. Swap your warm cans of Carlsberg and Carlsberg Unfiltered for chilled ones and head off to enjoy the festival, thanks to the Carlsberg Cool Cans pop up, appearing for the first time at this year’s KnockanStockan.

Young Friends of the Earth 

Young Friends of the Earth are back for a second year at Knockanstockan, with new craicing games, to teach how you can make a difference for our planet. Wow your friends with your limbo moves, challenge your buddies to a special Twister game and build a giant eco-friendly Jenga! Pay them a visit, join in the fun.

Young Friends of the Earth are a volunteer activist group working to advance global climate justice by mobilizing and inspiring people to join the movement in Ireland.



Every Can Counts 

We’re delighted to have Every Can Counts joining us for the first time. Every Can Counts is making it easier for you to recycle your big bag of cans by providing extra recycling bins and  can recycling cages. You can open, drink, recycle, repeat, safe in the knowledge your can will live on beyond Knockanstockan. Watch the cages fill up over the weekend and see what people power can achieve!  

So there ya have it. If you have any suggestions on how we can make our event cleaner, greener and brighter let us know via Thanks for reading. 

All the Green Love, 

KS Crew